Preferred Circle

Digital Onboarding & Multi -
                        Asset Multi-Account Opening

Expert Advice on Diverse Financial Products

  • Stocks, funds, and goals guidance
  • Tailored recommendations for your specific financial objectives
Multi-Asset Investment
                        Execution Integration

Timely Investment Advice
& Direct Plan Access

  • Up to 24 stock and fund advice per year
  • Personalized mutual fund recommendations
    with access to direct plan mutual funds
Portfolio Tracking Across

'When to Sell' Advice & Regular Rebalancing

  • Maximize returns with sell calls on stocks and mutual funds
  • Quarterly stock portfolio rebalancing, half-yearly mutual fund rebalancing
Portfolio Tracking Across

Comprehensive Plan Features & Affordable Pricing

  • 24 advice pack per year and
    personalized financial plan
    reviews every six months
  • Advisory fees starting at
    effectively Rs 400 per month
    for a three-year plan
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